Anna Cannings

Anna - the Motivational Speaker

"As a school we have a long tradition of inviting external speakers in to present topics to the Sixth Form, so the students tend to be demanding, in a nice way. Anna made a big impression on them. For many of us it was the first time we had spent an hour in the company of a blind person. Anna spoke well and carried the attention of the students, leading us all to reflect on the challenges of the 'everyday'. She also gained our respect and admiration for overcoming these challenges which must seem, at times, both frightening and unconquerable. We were able, later in the term, to refer back to our time with Anna, when we considered barriers to learning in PHSE, and considered deafness and dyslexia alongside blindness. The students asked Anna some mature questions afterwards, and even approached us in the school canteen. Anna is full of vigour and positive drive, with the determination to lead life on her terms, and this alone is an example to us all. I expect and hope that none of the students will regard a blind person in the same way again." - Ken Sullivan, Head of Sixth Form, Leighton Park School

What is it like to be blind?

Anna's lively and interactive presentations break this sweeping question down into manageable bite-sized chunks. Her talks explore a wide range of topics, including:
  • How Anna feels about her disability.
  • Other people's perceptions of blindness.
  • Her experiences at mainstream schools.
  • Getting out and about without sight.
  • Finding work as a blind person.
  • Interaction with friends and partners.
  • Living independently.
  • Self-esteem and how to develop confidence.
  • Keeping fit and active when you have a disability.
  • Finding peace of mind to develop self-belief.
All of Anna's presentations are tailored to the needs of her audiences and there is always the opportunity for people to ask questions.

She has extensive experience of delivering talks for a wide variety of groups, including:

  • School and college students, from 5-18 years, including groups of visually impaired young people.
  • Conference delegates.
  • Attendees at fundraising and promotional events.
  • Community groups, including WI meetings, disability resource centres and church-related organisations.

If you are interested in booking Anna to give a talk, or would like to find out more about her work as a motivational speaker, please contact Anna here.