Anna Cannings

Anna Cannings - model, black and red dress

Anna Cannings - fully blind model, London, UK

" Why not give your campaign a different look? How about representing your many customers with disabilities? And don't you want to stand out amongst the rest and make your advert memorable? These are just some of the many reasons why models with disabilities - including fully blind models like me - are being hired all the time." - Anna, August 2019.

Anna has worked as a:

  • Sculptor's model for the internationally renowned Marc Quinn.
  • Model for a fine art project by photographer Julia Fullerton-Batten
  • Photographic model for publications including: National Geographic, J17, Now Magazine, M Magazine (in association with the Daily Mirror), Which? Product guides and Learn Direct publicity literature.
She has also appeared in high-profile commercial campaigns for Listerine and Camden Hells.

Please visit Anna's Spotlight page to view a range of portfolio photographs, as well as up-to-date stats.

Anna has been working professionally as a model since 2002 and is one of a very small number of professional blind models working in the UK. Despite the work opportunities for disabled models still being limited, she has managed to build up extensive experience in the industry, working for prestigious companies, legendary photographers and internationally renowned artists.

" When people think of modelling, they usually think of catwalk models," says Anna. "As a model with a disability and at just 5 ft 2 inches, that's never going to be my line of work! But thankfully the industry has far greater scope than that. Models with disabilities are now being featured more widely in publications and in advertising campaigns, and artists are increasingly becoming more interested in making us the subject of their work. Every modelling assignment I do is interesting and unique and helps to promote a positive image of disability. It's slow, but changes are finally happening. People are gradually becoming more open-minded and inclusive about booking models with disabilities and I am excited to be working in the industry during this important time of change."

If you would like to discuss a booking, or find out more about Anna's work as a model, please contact Anna here.